Matt Goodall

Sales Consultant

Matt Goodall


Matt is a valued member of the NVRE Agents team and after 8 years in the customer service industry, he has brought his likeable, down to earth personality, people skills and strong work ethic with him into the real estate industry and has been breaking records since!

“I started in this industry to make a change, I hate the ‘salesperson’ stereotype and it doesn’t have to be what it is. I want to achieve the best results and service for my clients because it allows them to move on to the next chapter in their life with a positive mindset and more money in their pocket, this is why I love what I do!”

Times are changing, the old-school agents are getting old-school results and are convincing clients ‘this is how it’s always been done’. New technology and methods are proven to achieve the highest results and service available, Matt Goodall is standing proof of this.

So give Matt Goodall a call today to have a sit down and chat about how he can do the best for you!